Our Initiatives

01 Technology
02 Education
03 Art
04 Charitable Trusts
05 Health

Our Initiatives


Besides technology been at the heart of our operations, it presents us with so many opportunities for re-imagining the future of the communities we engage with. It is our hope that with various initiatives tied in with technology, we are able to leverage its potentials in order to bring about considerable social changes in the future. This we hope we are able to do by inspiring the young ones within these communities and helping them understand the how much they could potentially do with technology for themselves and their environments. This we hope will begin to contribute towards causing a societal movement that invariably influences change from the grassroots all the way through to the highest echelons of our society.

We do hope that the few people we engage with are truly inspired to find solutions to the benefit of many others now and into the foreseeable future.

Our Initiatives


Without a doubt education had always excited us with the opportunities it presents with truly making a difference in Nigeria and the African continent. As we all know, the quality of education today in the country is not where it should be, which in itself presents us and everyone else with a unique opportunity to really make a difference. This will affect not just the students or the teaching faculties, but everyone who is directly or indirectly affected by the outcomes of a good educational system. This will also include the country at large.

Thus, some of our initiatives in this regards, we hope will make a significant contribution to creating a more valuable outlook for the educational ecosystem in Nigeria.

Our Initiatives


Art has always been a sector we have had a passion for and we thought to think of creative ways of getting involved and making a difference in the way we contribute towards the development and deep appreciation of the arts, whilst still positively impacting those involved.

Our Initiatives


The health industry as it stands today presents us with immense opportunities for contributing to its growth, whether it is through an increasing level of awareness of various health related matters or actively participating in delivering health projects. We do understand that there are many ongoing health related projects in-country, so our approach will be to garner support for these projects by pooling willing participants.

In addition, we would be pursuing our own initiatives, which we believe would make a ‘small’ difference to positively improving healthcare and its delivery.

Our Initiatives

Charitable Trusts

Our initiatives under this ‘umbrella’ focus on providing support to other charitable organisations in Nigeria that are finding it difficult to seek support or funding to keep up with their activities, such as homes for the elderly or institutions catering to those with mental and developmental challenges.

Our focus in providing support for other charitable organisations will look at fundraising, the provision of technological support and making available volunteers to take on different roles.